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What Kind of the Smallest Portable Oxygen Concentrator is Right for You?

A CPAP machine is used for both mild and severe versions of sleep apnea. It is also used by people who have respiratory problems. It is essentially a medical device. If you have breathing issues, your physician or a doctor can prescribe them to you.

Originally, CPAP machines used to be very bulky and difficult to carry around. Over the years, as technology advanced, laser cutting and robots made it possible for these machines to become sleeker and lighter. These machines are now compact—often weighing less than a smartphone. This makes them suitable companions for people with sleep issues who have to go on distant business trips or family events. 

A CPAP machine is also known as an oxygen concentrator. There are quite a few CPAP machines available on the market. Some are great, and some are not so great. Let's take a look at the best and most compact portable oxygen concentrators available on the market. 

Portable Oxygen Concentrators Available in the Market

  • The AirSep Focus 

    The AirSep Focus is by far the lightest oxygen concentrator present in the market. It is a miracle worker for any patient who wants to get rid of their bulky oxygen concentrator. This device is for people with mild respiratory issues and for those who want an aesthetically pleasing CPAP solution. 

    Advantages of the AirSep Focus:

    • It is only 6.4 inches tall (it can fit into your pocket just like your phone or wallet). 
    • It weighs less than two pounds and is one of the smallest oxygen concentrators available in the market. 
    • It also provides its user with a steady 21 pulses of oxygen per minute. 
    • The AirSep Focus comes with three hours of battery power. 

    This model comes with two battery packs. Each one can power the device for around 1.5 hours. So, if you're traveling somewhere and suddenly your CPAP device dies, you can take out your spare battery and switch it for the dead one easily. 

    In the end, this device is best for users with simple CPAP therapy requirements. So, if you have a slight respiratory problem, then this device is the one for you. 

    • SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator

      For many decades, Philips CPAP devices have been renowned throughout the market for their impeccable design and flawless quality. The SimplyGo Mini is the smallest and lightest device ever produced by the Philips POC line. 

      The SimplyGo Mini is a marvel of engineering. This oxygen concentrator is the best portable solution to the needs of many patients with respiratory problems. The Philips SimplyGo is not just a winner in terms of its durability and lightness. It is also a power-packed performer. 

      Advantages of the SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

      • This portable oxygen concentrator is less than 16 cm in length.
      • It weighs less than two pounds (that's roughly the weight of a tomato ketchup pouch).
      • It is durable and long-lasting.
      • It provides 21 pulses of oxygen per minute to its users. 
      • This device also provides its users with three hours of uninterrupted performance. 

      An easily maneuverable arm strap is attached to the SimplyGo Mini model, allowing you to wear the device around your shoulder as you go about your day.

      When it comes to the SimplyGo, the Philips brand is synonymous with quality. The device has undergone various quality tests such as impact testing and temperature testing, all done to check its durability. Only when the SimplyGo Mini prototype had passed these tests was it allowed to go into production. Thus, when it comes to the SimplyGo—performance is guaranteed.     

      • Inogen One G4

        The Inogen One G4 is a popular choice of POC for many patients with respiratory concerns. Its predecessor—the Inogen One G3—convinced the market that when it comes to performance, no CPAP device can compete with the Inogen One line. 

        The Inogen One G4 wins hands down over all its competitors in terms of functionality. It is the perfect traveling choice whether you choose the bus, the train, the airplane, or even your sturdy legs. 

        Advantages of the Inogen One G4:

        • The device can provide more oxygen per pound than any other CPAP device on the market. 
        • The G4 is also a winner in terms of size. It is 7.2 inches tall and 6 inches wide. To give you some perspective, the longest iPhone (iPhone 7 plus) is only an inch shorter than this device. 

        The compact size of this device makes it easy for you to perform your daily chores. So, if you're writing sheaves of paper or walking to-and-fro from your boss's office to your own office, this device is perfect for you. 

        If the outstanding performance of the G4 still hasn't impressed you, its appearance just might. The Inogen G4 is a sleek white rectangular device with menu settings on the side. Designed with aesthetic appeal in mind, the G4 offers a stylish option for younger patients who want a classier CPAP device. 

        If you want your CPAP therapy with a side of class, the Inogen G4 is the perfect choice for you! 

        • Transcend MiniCPAP

          The Transcend MiniCPAP might be the best option for you if you're looking for a device that is both versatile and portable. This device is easy to pack in your suitcase along with other essentials as it doesn't take up much space. You can even keep it on your lap while flying. 

          Advantages of the Transcend MiniCPAP:

          • It weighs less than a pound (it takes up the same amount of space as a pair of rolled-up socks). 
          • It is nearly soundless and very discreet. This means that your companions will rest easy, and so will you.
          • It is compatible with all CPAP masks available on the market. 

          One complaint that CPAP machines, even the most portable ones, get is their noisiness. Most make a dull whirring sound. When traveling, you're often accompanied by other people who might take an issue with the noise. This can ruin your traveling experience as well as theirs. 

          The Transcend Mini is an excellent option if you want to avoid that dull mechanical noise. It is soundless and discreet and makes almost no noise when operating. 

          Transcend devices are renowned for being lightweight, portable, and discreet. The Transcend MiniCPAP is your best option if you're looking for a CPAP device to travel with. 


          There are many portable oxygen concentrators or CPAP devices available on the market. These mini-size portable oxygen concentrators have gained quite a bit of fanfare over the years. They are noiseless, compact, lightweight, and most of them outperform many of their bulkier counterparts. If you want more information on the best CPAP devices you can get, just visit My Relief Pain